About Us

The BRIGHTSIDE Box is a curated selection of gifts put together with one goal in mind - to bring people joy. While each item can be individually cherished, we have thoughtfully combined them to create an overall experience for the recipient and remind them they, in fact, are the gift

Positive affirmations are the key component of what sets The BRIGHTSIDE Box apart and are found in the product names and branding throughout the box. Our aim is to use this box to weave a heartweb of thoughtfulness and kindness. Heartweb is a word we have created that we hope catches on! A word to describe a connection that is made when people reach out to one another and show support, compassion and kindness. Let’s get caught in this web!

I started The BRIGHTSIDE Box because of how fortunate I was to receive the amount of support I got from family, friends, and co-workers when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was encouraged consistently and reminded I was brave, I could do anything, I was strong, and I was capable. These words resonated with me, especially late at night when it was quiet and I was alone; fear and anxiety would wake me up in the middle of the night. I would write in my journal, words of strength and hope, and I believed it! These words became part of me; I became brave, strong, and determined. I wish this for every person going through a difficult time, whether it is a frightening health diagnosis, caring for a family member going through a hard time, struggling because life can be so overwhelming for so many reasons; there are endless reasons!  

My hope is The BRIGHTSIDE Box earns the privilege of delivering strength, hope and encouragement to anyone who needs to be reminded YOU GOT THIS!

As The BRIGHTSIDE Boxes are being ordered and shipped, more and more people are gifting for any and all reasons! A new baby, a birthday, joyous occasions to show love and support. The heartweb is growing!




Colleen Geery - Founder of The Brightside Box